RUST: The Instrument Update

This month facepunch introduce the Rust Instruments DLC as well as the usual optimizations and improvements and yes, you do have legs!
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RUST: The Tree Fix Update

Halloween is over, trees are fixed and more optimizations, fixes and improvements.
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RUST: Halloween 2019

A Rust Halloween event is upon us! Facepunch released a patch containing lots of spooky features, including a Trick or Treat event and NPC Mummies. Have a great Halloween 2019!
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RUST: Horse Equipment Update

Facepunch added horse equipment, Crafting, Inventory, Map and Death screen improvements and various other fixes, balances and improvements ...
Tags: rust, update
The new Transport Helicopter arrives along with changes to auto turrets and various other fixes and optimizations...
Tags: rust, update

YOUTUBE: CruxalTV new VID!

CruxalTV made a new VID featuring Lootroom :-)
Tags: cruxal, rust, youtube

RUST: Excavator Update

Excavator monument and more optimizations and fixes!
Tags: rust, update
We are very excited to inform you that we will be represented in the wonderful world of twitch from now on.
In the course of providing the lootroom community rust server - we also provided a discord server! HYPE

LOOTROOM: Rust Server Launch

The LOOTROOM Community Server has been launched - hop on!
Tags: lootroom, rust, server

RUST: July Update

Horse breeds and hitching posts, client and server optimizations and more...
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LOOTROOM: #didyouknow

We would like to introduce you to our new series...
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